Signature Massages

massage therapist tustin caMassage therapy has been scientifically proven to have many positive side effects on a variety of health conditions. We offer many different styles of healing massage at Skin Therapies. View our menu below:

Swedish Massage

Traditional full body relaxing massage.

60 min $79.00
Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is for those hard to release areas or for people who prefer a firmer massage.

60 min $89.00
Sports Massage

This massage can target specific areas exacerbated by sports activities.

60 min $89.00
Lymphatic Drainage

A very relaxing detoxifying full-body massage used to enhance the immune system, help treat edema or bruising, and can also aid in lowering blood pressure. This massage can be used pre and post surgery to speed the recovery process.  Can also be used to target sinus issues by concentrating on the face and neck.

60 min $99.00
Raindrop Therapy

Essential oils are used along the spine for a deeply rejuvenating and cleansing massage using medicinal/ food grade quality oils to obtain maximum results. You will feel invigorated and renewed as the aromas of the oils carry your mind and spirit to a higher level.

90 min $115.00
Pregnancy Massage

Sooth the mother-to-be with this caring tender massage customized to her body’s specific needs as she blossoms through her pregnancy.

60 min $79.00
Shiatsu/Thai Massage
60 min $95.00
Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy the warming comfort of smooth hand picked river stones as your worries melt away the stress of everyday life. You deserve to treat yourself to this unique experience.

60 min $90.00

Release tension throughout the body by applying firm pressure specifically to the feet.  You will experience a stimulating full-body effect

60 min $50.00
Trigger Point Release

Can be coupled with other massage modalities or used as a stand alone treatment to target specific concerns or issues of the body, such as the sciatica, shoulder problems…or other troublesome areas.

60 min $40.00
Seated Chair Massage

Perfect for those on the go who need a quick release of tension.

10 min minimum $1 per minute
Warm Oil Scalp Massage

Stimulate the nerve endings on your head and scalp for a truly tingling sensation. Not only will it relieve tension in your upper body but the organic oil will benefit your scalp and hair.

30 min $25.00
Ionic Foot Detox

Cleanses the entire body in a half session by simply putting your feet in warm water.  What could be easier? Schedule your session today and know that you are doing something good for yourself.

Ear Coning

Gently cleans the ears with a warm spiral of smoke that helps relieve sinus conditions, as well as removing wax buildup; an effective alternative to traditional ear cleansing methods.


A soothing ancient form of energy healing that works on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

Parafin Hand Dips

(could be coupled with foot scrub and rub)

45-60 min. $45.00